Hello! 👋
My name is pronounced as byʃ.’ɾa ‘maɾ.ʃan and my pronouns are she/her.

I am a PhD student in the Department of Linguistics at Stanford University. My research aims to ask and answer semantics questions from a theoretical and computational linguistics perspective. Most of my recent publications focus on linguistically informed resource generation for NLP, benchmarking and model understanding. I primarily work on modern standard Turkish and Western Armenian.

I received my MA in 2023 from Boğaziçi University. My advisors were Dr. Ümit Atlamaz and Dr. Ömer Demirok and my thesis is titled De Re De Dicto Ambiguities in Turkish: Disambiguation by LLMs and Processing by Humans. During my MA, I worked as a member of BOUN TULAP/TABILAB, and I was part of the team that created Turkish Propbank, Turkish FrameNet, and Turkish WordNet. I also participated in creation of several UD style treebanks in Turkish. For a full list of my publications so far, you can check the Research page here or my Google Scholar profile.

I love coding, cats, coffee, comic books, computer games, and a healthy dose of alliteration. In my free time, I like playing Hearthstone and a bunch of indie games, spamming my friends with niche memes, watching b-movies, and reading fiction.


Last updated: 8 Dec 2023