A brief summary of my profile & what I'm doing right now.

👄 byʃ.’ɾa ‘maɾ.ʃan (she/her)
📍İstanbul (AFK until Jan 10th)
📨 busra { dot } marsan { at sign }

🎓 MA in Linguistics, Boğaziçi University (2019-2023)
🎓 BA in Translation and Interpreting Studies, Boğaziçi University (2014-2019)

🔎 Research Interests: Formal Semantics, Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, Pragmatics
📝 Currently Working On: De Re De Dicto ambiguities in Turkish, Compositional semantics of embedded nominalizations in Turkish
📖 Currently Reading: East of Eden by John Steinbeck, Foundations of Pragmatics by Wolfram Bublitz & Neal R. Norrick

🗣 Languages: French, Spanish, German. Currently learning Hebrew and Western Armenian.
⌨️ Programming: Python, PyTorch, TensorFlow, R, RStan, C#

🎮 Gaming: Simourv#2294 on, Simourv on Steam
👾 Currently Playing: Hearthstone, NFS Most Wanted


Last updated: 2 Jan 2023