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Following frame semantics, FrameNet offers a database consisting of predicates and arguments.

I was the lead researcher and project manager in Turkish FrameNet project. Turkish FrameNet was created following the methdology used by the French FrameNet team and was annotated using a novel interface created for this task (see FrameNet Annotation Interface project for details). Turkish FrameNet contains 139 Frames in 8 domains: Activity, Cause, Change, Motion, Cognition, Perception, Judgement and Commerce.

#FrameNet #NLPresources

FrameForm is an open-source tool that facilitates frame annotation for FrameNet.

I was the lead researcher and designer in FrameForm project. FrameForm is a freely available open-source annotation tool that allows annotating frames and semantic roles, creating new domains, and adding sample sentences to frames.


Last updated: 8 Dec 2023