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BOUN Treebank is a manually annotated UD-style treebank.

I was in the team of linguists who contributed to UD style BOUN Treebank. BOUN Treebank is a UD-style treebank created by BOUN TABILAB as part of a research project funded by TÜBİTAK. I was part of the team that re-annotated BOUN Treebank to improve linguistic accuracy and coherency.

#UD #NLPresources

BoAT is a grammar annotation tool designed for agglutinative languages.

I contributed to enhancements made to BoAT v1. BoAT v2 offers advanced search, collaborative properties, autocomplete, improved annotation interface and more to support the annotator and facilitate the annotation process.


Last updated: 8 Dec 2023